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2021 Brazil



Be part of the conversation.

3 Dec 2021



We are pleased to announce that the 2021 Brazilian Stata Conference will take place on Friday, December 3rd 2021, hosted online via Zoom.


Experience what happens when new and long-time Stata users from across all disciplines gather to discuss real-world applications of Stata. 


In the past, participants have travelled from across Brazil and the world to attend. The meeting provides Stata users with the opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences, and information on new applications of Stata. StataCorp representatives will be in attendance. The invited speakers this year are Edson Severnini (Carnegie Mellon University) and Jaqueline Oliveira (Rhodes College).


It will be free to attend the Conference, and it is open to anyone who is interested in using Stata. 

We are pleased to announce that Joerg Luedicke, Senior Social Scientist and Software Developer at StataCorp, will be presenting Multinomial logit models for longitudinal data at this year's conference. Following Joerg's presentation, there will be an 'Open Panel Discussion with Stata Developers', don't miss this exciting opportunity.


The conference language will be English because of the international nature of the meeting.


3rd December 2021

Timetable (UTC - 3) - Sao Paulo

10:30 - 10:40am 


10:40am - 12:30pm 


(40 min) – Impacts of the Clean Air Act on the Power Sector from 1938-1994: Anticipation and Adaptation.

Edson Severnini (Carnegie Mellon University) 

(20 min) – Basedosdados: a new package to access and manipulate more than 60 clean Brazilian databases directly from Stata

Isabella H. Claudino (IPEA) e Ricardo Dahis (Base dos Dados e PUC Rio)

(20 min) – Political environmental cycles: how election incentives affect environmental policy and forest conservation outcomes

Patricia Ruggiero (FEA/USP) e Paula Pereda (FEA/USP)

(20 min) – Determinants of Regional Innovation in Brazil between 1998 and 2018: a spatial panel approach

Sarah Ferreira (UNICAMP), Renato Garcia (UNICAMP) e Veneziano Araújo (UNIFESP)

(10 min) – Q&A

12:30 - 13:30pm 


13:30 - 15:20pm 


(40 min) – The effects of road on trade and migration.

Jaqueline Oliveira (Rhodes College)

(20 min) – Female poverty determinants in Brazil between 2012 and 2019

Taís Maria G. de Lima (UNIFESP), Solange Ledi Gonçalves (UNIFESP) e André Roncaglia de Carvalho (UNIFESP)

(20 min) – Gender Gap and Leisure Time: Evidence from Brazilian Couples

Ana Luiza N. de Holanda Barbosa (IPEA, GeFam e IBMEC-Rio)

(20 min) – Pink Tech: Did Computers and the Internet Reduce the Gender Wage Gap? Evidence from Brazilian Data

Ana Abras , Giovana C. Bigliazzi e Mônica Y. Kuwahara (Universidade Federal do ABC)

(10 min) – Q&A

15:20 - 15:30pm 

Coffee Break

15:30 - 16:10pm 

Multinomial logit models for longitudinal data

Joerg Luedicke, Social Scientist and Software Developer (Stata Corp) 

Open Panel Discussion with Stata Developers

Scientific commitee



Ana de Holana Barbosa 


Ana Fava


Ana Fava.JPG



Lorena Hakak.jpg

Lorena Hakak

(FEA/USP e GeFam)

Paula Pereda


Paula Pereda.jpg



Pedro Forquesato.jpg

Pedro Forquesato


Video Conference

Hosted Online

Zoom Platform

The conference will be online. We will host the conference presentations and breakrooms via this website. 

Join us wherever you are in the world, and be part of the conversation.

The Venue

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